We’ve had a great Christmas season and are looking forward to the coming winter months. SO MANY THINGS TO MAKE, and JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME! Have you seen the terrariums in the new Stained Glass News? There’s the cutest pattern for a beagle that we’ve done before and is such a good seller….. and we’re excited about creating some larger, more Victorian era panels….. (sigh). See what I mean?

First, however, we’re wading through, and making some headway with, the repairs and restorations. Have you seen the ones we’ve been working on lately? We put lots of things like that on Facebook, check us out and PLEASE “Like” us, we’re not hard to find—search for “Heirlooms & Gretchen’s”. You’ll get our pictures and posts and we are careful not to abuse the opportunity.

Perhaps you know someone who would like to try his or her hand at stained glass, but just can’t find the time to take classes? Maybe they just don’t know whether they would like it or not…. Well, now’s their chance to find out!

We’re scheduling “A Taste of Stained Glass” for Saturday afternoon, January 19 from 1 to 5. Anyone is welcome to come, but this is a workshop designed for a complete novice. Someone who has never worked with glass can cut their glass, foil and solder a quilt piece suncatcher, and take it home that afternoon! Total cost is $25 or $30, depending upon your choice of the patterns you see here, sign up and pick your pattern! As always please register in advance so we can prepare.

Have you noticed all the new lamps and lampshades in the shop lately? We’ve expanded our inventory and have obtained some really neat vintage lamps. Our boast of having over a hundred DIFFERENT lampshades and over seventy-five DIFFERENT chimneys, IN STOCK, is no exaggeration! We’re loaded with them! If we don’t have what you are looking for, we’ll certainly try our best to find it.

And, Cheri has offered to teach a lampshade workshop again! COMING UP IN FEBRUARY is the Tiffany Style lampshade workshop for which we’ve had so many requests. We don’t have a picture yet, the prototype is still under construction. We’ll post one on our Facebook page soon, or we can e-mail you a picture at that time. The real thing will be on display in the window of the shop as soon as it is completed.. This lampshade would, without a doubt, sell for several hundred dollars. It’s not an easy project, but so worth the time and effort, knowing YOU made it! We are reserving all Saturday afternoons in February for this workshop – but hopefully it will not take all of them. It is important to register ahead and pick out your glass beforehand so that you can hit the ground running on the first day. The cost will be $125 for the workshop and everything you will use except the glass, which you’ll need to come in and purchase separately. Space is limited, so first come, first served – don’t miss this opportunity!

Most every stained glass artisan will tell you that it IS a rewarding medium to work in, and even after MANY years of creating one of a kind pieces, that good feeling still persists. We helped at least one fellow make his wife happy this year with the piece shown here. Another panel was refurbished after surviving a fire, an antique window in disrepair was given new life by dividing it into three panels for family members , several heirloom plates were used as focal points for new pieces, suncatchers became last minute stocking stuffers and many Heirlooms & Gretchen’s gift certificates were under Christmas trees this year – does that qualify us to be “Santa’s Helper’s”?

New editions of the Score and Stained Glass News are in—come get your FREE copies, and you might look through our backlog of past editions—both are packed full of tips, ideas and patterns!

STAY WARM AND DRY during this cold winter weather! We’re open seven days a week now, and so far the weather hasn’t kept us from opening the shop — it’s good weather to work on stained glass!